The question posed by Renault on the Renault ZE Facebook account was straightforward: " Would you like this computer-generated image to become a reality?" And in one week, the face picture gathered almost 800 likes, about 160 shares, and over 100 comments, most of them enthusiastic. It's alright, given that the Facebook page dedicated to Renault electric cars has almost 22,000 likes, so it's still at the beginning.

Currently, the only series electric convertible cars are the Tesla Roadster ( which has a very high price, approaching 100,000 euros) and the Mini Cooper SE Cabriolet.

In contrast, the Renault Zoe has a starting price of around 20,000 euros in France, which, thanks to the government bonus for electric cars of 7,000 euros, drops to 13,000 euros.

Therefore, an eventual Renault Zoe Cabriolet series model should not be much more expensive, so a starting price of around 15,000 euros in France is realistic - that is, at the level of a Fiat 500C.


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