The Italian archipelago of La Maddalena, located off the northeastern coast of Sardinia, is home to the La Maddalena Archipelago National Park. The La Maddalena island is the largest and most populous of the group. Through the "Citroen drive La Maddalena electric" initiative, Citroen offers e-mobility solutions to municipal agencies. Nine electric vehicles will soon be available to island workers, including the little Citroen Ami, the compact electric vehicle (Citroen e-C4), and the high-roof station wagon (Citroen e-Berlingo).

Also, Citroen has provided the charging infrastructure by shipping two wall boxes to the island. According to the company, islanders will also get special deals on the brand's electric vehicles at reasonable prices, and those who qualify can get financing.
"We are pleased to announce that our town is the first in La Maddalena to participate in the "Citroen Drive La Maddalena Electric" program. The natural environment is one of our most significant assets, and the Mayor of La Maddalena, Fabio Lai, wants to see all inhabitants "make truly green decisions" to conserve it.
"Like the Greek island of Halki, this new campaign shows Citroen's strong commitment to promoting electric mobility to help all consumers, from big cities to small islands, become more environmentally friendly," says Laurent Barria, Citroen's Marketing & Communications Director.
Citroen also offers a variety of eco-friendly electric automobiles at Halki. The corporation has said it will switch out all internal combustion engines on the island with electric ones.
Last year, VW also began working on something similar. Astypalea is slated to become Greece's first "electric island" thanks to a partnership between the country's government and a German automaker. In addition to electric cars, the plan calls for switching to electricity from renewable sources. @via Panorica.


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