Ford is investing $1 billion to modernize its Cologne plant (Germany). This is one of the largest car production facilities in Europe and the Ford headquarters in Europe. Here, Ford will produce its first European manufactured all-electric passenger car from 2023.

The big news is one of the most important for Ford in Europe in over 90 years. It shows Ford commitment to Europe and that a future with electric cars is the very core of Ford strategy for growth. The choice to put the development and production of electric cars to Cologne is an important signal for everyone who works for Ford in Europe.

For the sixth year in a row, Ford became the best-selling commercial vehicle brand in Europe. Continued growth in the commercial vehicle market means increased investment in Ford commercial vehicles and they will offer new products and services together with a comprehensive collaboration with certified builders.

An ecosystem of connected services developed together with customers to improve the customer experience and the vehicle owners' business activities will also contribute to increased growth.

Ford and Google recently announced a new partnership. Here, both parties' expertise is utilized to create better user services and offer new data-driven solutions.

According to Stuart Rowley, the launch of the new Ford Mustang Mach-E will embark on a journey that will create a sustainable and profitable business operation for Ford in Europe. Ford will offer an exceptional range of electrified vehicles, all supported by digital services and experiences that customers want.

Further details of Ford's electrification plan and the restructuring of Ford's facilities in Cologne will be published in the coming months. 


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