With the introduction of the e-208 three years ago, Peugeot began electrifying its model lineup. Since then, the French have introduced zero-emission vehicles as well as those with plug-in hybrid powertrain systems.

The new Peugeot 308 (introduced in mid-March) will have its market debut in the not-too-distant future. The Peugeot model will be offered in two plug-in hybrid variants from the start, bringing the Peugeot portfolio's electrification level to 70% (passenger cars and commercial vehicles).

By 2023, 85 percent of the range's vehicles will be electrified. According to the largest French firm, the proportion will reach 100 percent on the European continent by 2025.

Returning to the electrified 308, the entry-level Peugeot 308 Hybrid 180 e-EAT8 is outfitted with a 150 hp PureTech engine and an 81 kW electric unit. The two generate 180 horsepower combined, and the electric range is up to 60 kilometers. The Peugeot 308 Hybrid 225 e-EAT8 variant is also available.

The same 81 kW electric motor is linked to a more powerful PureTech engine, resulting in a total output of 225 hp. In his case, the electric range is 59 kilometers (WLTP).


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