Education must shape a beautiful man. Of course, not beautiful on the outside, but it must develop its character and knowledge. If it becomes good, logical and measured, and its general knowledge does not remain negligible, the school has achieved its goal.

History will not be able to interest the student too much, as long as he does not have one of his own. To be able to look with more understanding at the past, perhaps the best way is to present historical movies from various periods of human civilization. In them, one can see the costumes, the customs, the contradictions, the cruelty, etc. 

Geography will only interest him if he is curious to know what is beyond the hills and valleys of his childhood if he sees any chance to travel. I think that documentaries accompanied by maps can arouse interest in geography. At least a brief knowledge of geography, as well as history, are basic elements of general culture, which many graduates lack.

The young man must know the great works of literature. Literature is an art, but it is not the only one. He must hear a few areas of Verdi. He must be able to recognize some passages from Vivaldi.

Part of the literature is full of patriotism. Not only fashionable but necessary in the nineteenth century, when the state was formed and the nation became increasingly aware of its existence, today patriotism must be looked at carefully in education. The great danger is its nationalist component, which we must avoid like the evil. It is exactly the difference between supporting and loving your country, and wanting to destroy others. Enormous difference. It is preferable to give up cultivating patriotism if the right meaning is not ensured.

In Mathematics, students must learn to think, logically of course. They need to be exposed to beauties that are related to art rather than science. We have such beauties in Geometry. When the student is in contact with infinity, philosophical questions are asked. Mathematics offers some splendid answers. Such things must not be missing from the general culture of any man. Quantitative message only makes sense for those who will follow Mathematics or, to a lesser extent, other disciplines that use it, such as engineering.

Political education is also essential. It is not necessary to study in-depth, but only to achieve the following goal: young people to understand well the differences between democracy and dictatorship, and through many examples (movies and books) to be convinced of their impact on people's lives. We only have sufficient shocking examples in the last century. The importance of achieving this goal is enormous, as young people are easily attracted to the glorification of the powerful, as in movies… 


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