When Christine and Jens Finderup Vigsted from Ringsted bought their Mustang Mach-E electric SUV in the autumn, they could not imagine that their new Ford Mustang would act as a delivery room for their second child just seven months later. With galloping labor pains on the way to the midwife, little brother suddenly wanted out - and it should be now! There was, therefore, nothing to do but drive the seat back and feed him from the passenger seat in the car.

Long-range, good driving characteristics, and excellent design are some of the qualities that Ford's customers highlight when choosing the 100% electric Ford Mustang Mach-E. The fact that it also works well as a delivery room is, fortunately, something that very few customers try their hand at.

"The Ford Mustang Mach-E electric SUV was more fun to drive in than some of the other electric cars we had test-driven, so it was also something we weighed highly along with the range, price, and car appearance. We had not in our wildest imagination imagined that our second child would come into the world in the car," says Christine Finderup Vigsted.

This is the first time a child has been born in a 100% electric Ford.

And that news traveled with lightning speed to Ford's global headquarters, where it attracted attention in the boardroom.

"We go extremely far when we test our cars, but let's just be honest. Bringing a child into the world in the passenger seat is not part of our regular tests! At Ford, we consider our customers as family, which is especially true in this case," says a smiling Jim Farley, President, and CEO of Ford Motor Company, who congratulates the whole family.

Christine and her husband Jens took it easy when Christine felt the first contractions one night in early June. At the birth of their first child, Thomas, the labor pains lasted for two days, and therefore there was no need to panic as long as the labor pains did not hurt anymore.

During the night and in the morning, the pains developed and increased more - and suddenly, it went fast. With control of the big brother's babysitter, they drove off towards the midwife at the private maternity clinic where they were affiliated.

"My husband was smart enough to say that we should take my Mustang Mach-E electric SUV as there were leather seats in and lots of power on the battery compared to his electric car. We laugh a little at that afterward," says Christin

The drive usually takes half an hour, but after a few minutes, the water went, and it dawned on the couple that it would go fast - and that they could not reach the midwife in time. From the passenger seat, Christine, despite violent press veers, ordered the car to the side of the road. The passenger seat was put down, and the midwife was called up via Apple CarPlay, while Jens called for an ambulance and acted as a midwife. A few minutes later, before the ambulance arrived, Christine had given birth to the couple's second child, David.

"The actual birth in the car went well. We would probably have handled it differently if it had been our first child. Still, it was a really nice experience when you consider that it happened so urgently and so in my car," says Christine, who especially praises her husband for taking it cool.

Little David is now a month old, and the birth story in the car has gradually been told to all friends and acquaintances, but it makes an equal impression every time. The family of four is convinced that the different birth will not be forgotten for the time being.

"I think it's a funny story for David, who can tell it himself later in life. That it's a bit of a boy ass car he was born in is funny, now that it has to be," Christine concludes.

Ford wishes the family a big congratulations on the family increase.

At Ford, we are happy to hear that the birth went so well. Ford's electric cars are known to match many different needs - and now also function as an emergency delivery room, but this story is, after all, one of the rarities.


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