Nowadays, social networks have become a channel of communication for both adults and children. Is it good to allow your kids on Facebook, Snapchat, or other similar platforms? What are the risks to minors on the Internet? I will give you some answers to these questions:

1. Social Media means communication skills

The Internet is not harmful to children, as long as you know the environment and you can give children advice for balanced and correct use. I, for example, learned on my own how to use the internet to my advantage.

2. The minimum age to have a Facebook account is 13 years.

I recommend you to make  Facebook accounts for the little ones,  boys and girls after they pass this age and I also recommend you to teach them how to use Facebook. A balanced use could have beneficial effects on young people and effectively prepare them for the future.

3. On Facebook there is a section with useful information for parents.

Read each section carefully and experiment on your own Facebook accounts. The other day I found out from a parent of a 15-year-old boy that he has doubts, but also that he had never entered the social network to see what it was about. It's the wrong attitude. 

4. Free blogging platforms

Anyone can train their writing skills using a free blogging platform. Start with a private blog, which can only be accessed by a small group of people and encourage your children to write about holidays with grandparents, about colleagues and teachers, to test, to experiment. You can follow them closely, there is absolutely no danger. and the benefits are huge.

You can start your free blog using:





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