Mazda has presented results for the financial year ended March 31, 2021. The company reports global sales of 1,287,000 cars. Mazda's two largest markets, North America and China increased their volumes with sales of 403,000 cars (+ 2%) and 228,000 cars (+ 8%), respectively. In the domestic market Japan, 176,000 cars (-13%) were sold, while Europe experienced the largest decline with a volume of 178,000 units (-32%).

Mazda Motor Europe (MME) announces that Martijn ten Brink will take over as the new President and CEO with effect from 24 June 2021. Ten Brink comes from the position of VP Sales & Customer Service at MME and he has extensive experience from several positions both at MME and in various NSCs. He had a key role in the team that set up Mazda Motor Norway and Mazda Motor Sweden in early 2004, and he was a marketing director in the region until 2005.

Martijn ten Brink succeeds Yasuhiro Aoyama, who has led Mazda's European operations since 2019. Aoyama returns to the headquarters in Hiroshima, where he holds the position of Director, Senior Managing Executive Officer Overview of Global Marketing, Sales and Customer Service.


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