Several news sources say December will be harder financially for many families, with costs that can be more than $1,904 higher than in the same month two years ago. Because it's hard to find cheap train tickets and the holidays are coming up, many people need to save money where they can and want to find the most affordable solutions. You can get a free rental car at Hertz a few days before your trip.

It has to do with the fact that many cars need to be moved around in the days leading up to December 23. You can rent a car through Hertz Freerider, drive it from A to B, and get the soup in the house.

"We know that many people are having trouble with money right now. People travel a lot around Christmas, so the Freerider idea works very well and is liked by all of our target groups, no matter how old they are, "says Anders Tarnell, Marketing Manager Hertz Sweden.

Hertz Freerider was started in June 2006 as a free way to travel one way. In practice, this means you can drive back Hertz cars rented for one-way trips between different places. Every year, about 10,000 free trips are booked.

"During the holidays, a lot of people want to rent cars. We want to help people have a better Christmas in these hard times by giving them a cheap way to travel."


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