Exotic holidays are gaining ground in peoples preferences for holidays abroad and the Dominican Republic is on the shortlist. Landscapes are like a dream and if you are passionate about photo filters, you will forget to use them here. 

The holiday prices are not low at all, but they are not the highest, and the offers for tourists are made to cover almost all tastes. We also wanted to find out how much money requires a vacation in the Dominican Republic, but also what we can do there besides being lazy all day long.

The Dominican Republic is always warm, so it's always a good option for a beach vacation. It's true, in the rainy season there is a risk of not having so much beach, that's why it is called rainy, so if your goal is to sunbathe, you should avoid the May-September months. But if you like the risk and the idea of ​​alternating beach days with trips through forests or desert, then you can go without worries during this period. What's more, the prices will be considerably lower.

What to visit in the Dominican Republic?

The most visited country in the Caribbean is as spectacular as the travel agencies say. Because this island is not just beaches with fine sand, unreally coloured waters and resorts that offer you everything you want so that you no longer feel the need to set foot outside them. The Dominican Republic is a fascinating blend of natural landscapes, history and culture. We find world-class golf courses, waterfalls, jungle, secluded islands, coral reefs, cool forests and the highest mountain peaks in the Caribbean.

The capital is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In a walk through the cobbled streets, you will discover the oldest cathedral in America,  the Columbus Palace or the National Botanical Gardens.

Parque Nacional del Este is a reservation that hosts hundreds of species of plants, animals and birds, as well as a very large coral reef system.

Punta Cana is the most popular tourist area, is preferred by those who choose beach holidays.

Since charter flights were made available for Punta Cana, it's easier than ever to get to the island. You have a direct flight to this resort, and if you do not stay more than 90 days in the Dominican Republic you do not need a visa.

When it comes to prices, they are influenced both by the period chosen for the holiday and by the accommodation conditions you covet. A 10-day stay with a charter flight included, 7 nights accommodation and an all-inclusive offer can cost from 1100 euros to 2,600 euros per person. But even if you have everything included, it is good to have at least 500 euros for optional excursions or fun.


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