Egypt is an Arab country in North Africa and the Middle East, being one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Among the many accomplishments of the ancient Egyptians, we list the construction of pyramids, temples and great obelisks.


One of the best sites in the country, 470 kilometres from Cairo. Hurghada is a vast resort on the shores of the Red Sea. The city has water parks, aquariums, museums, shopping centres, entertainment and attractions. This is a great place for a family vacation, where you can go diving. From Hurghada, it is easy to go on tours to the temples of Luxor, Cairo, Giza, Aswan and Alexandria.

Sharm El Sheikh

Sharm El Sheikh is a universal resort in the south of the Sinai Peninsula. It is suitable for fans of excursions and outdoor activities, and families with children. There are many hotels in Sharm El Sheikh for different budgets. From Sharm el-Sheikh it is very comfortable to go on tours to the monastery of St. Catherine, Mount Moses, Cairo and the pyramids of Giza.

Makadi Bay

Makadi Bay is 25 kilometres south of Hurghada and 10–20% more expensive than Sharm El Sheikh. There are clean sandy beaches and coral reefs, you can go surfing, diving and water skiing. However, the infrastructure of Makadi Bay lags behind other Egyptian resorts. There are few shops and restaurants, and there are no attractions at all. For shopping and entertainment, you will have to go to Hurghada. The only popular place in Makadi Bay is the large Makadi Water World.

Marsa Alam

The main entertainment here is diving. Marsa Alam has high environmental requirements, and therefore the coral reefs have not suffered from people, and in the water area of ​​the resort, you can see beautiful fish, giant manta rays, dolphins and sea cows. Local beaches stretch for 50 kilometres, most of them are deserted. The resort is expensive, prices are 1.5–2 times higher than in other popular places. Famous attractions are Samadai Reef, Gebel Elba and Wadi El Gemal National Parks. You can also go on a desert safari here.


The resort is appreciated for its calm, measured rhythm of life and golden sand. Parents with children, youth and fans of water sports are happy to relax here. Prices in Dahab are higher than in Hurghada or Sharm El Sheikh. There are national parks near the resort. People come to Gabr-il-Bent to ride ships, jeeps and camels.

Soma Bay

This seaside resort is part of the luxury segment of Egypt. It is known for its spas and excellent conditions for thalassotherapy and yachting. For tourists, there are four- and five-star hotels with restaurants. Here you can go diving, wind and kitesurfing, and play golf. For other entertainment, tourists travel to neighbouring Hurghada, Cairo and Luxor.

El Gouna

One of the oldest and most expensive Egyptian resorts. All El Gouna hotels are located on islands connected by bridges. Tourists are transported along the canals by boats. It has all the conditions for both active and quiet rest with family and children.


A large city on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea with a rich history and developed infrastructure. Rest in Alexandria is suitable for connoisseurs of cultural and sightseeing tours. Here you can study the ancient history of Egypt, visit museums and the fort, go to the famous library, visit the amphitheatre and ancient palaces.

Egypt landmarks


In the capital, you can visit the necropolis of Giza, the pyramids, see the Sphinx and the citadel of Saladin. Be sure to visit the Baron's Palace in Heliopolis and Al-Azhar Park. There are also many attractions in the vicinity of Cairo. For example, 24 kilometres away are the remains of the ancient city of Memphis.


Luxor is a city museum of historical monuments. The most significant attraction is the Valley of the Pharaohs. This is a whole city of a complex of temples, which is more than 4000 years old. There is a Sacred Lake on its territory.

Mount Sinai

The highest point of the Sinai Peninsula is Mount St. Catherine: its height reaches 2640 meters. Religious buildings were built on the top of Mount Sinai: the Chapel of the Virgin, the Church of the Holy Trinity, the Mosque of the Prophet Mohammed, carved right into the mountain. Anyone can climb the mountain.

Zaman Castle

The castle fortress is located on the shores of the Red Sea, 40 kilometres from Taba. Until the beginning of the 2000s, there were only ruins here, but in 2003 Zaman was restored according to ancient technologies. The entrance to the castle is open to tourists on weekdays from 11:00 to 22:00. In the evening, lighting illuminates the walls, windows and individual elements of the fortress. The castle has a cultural centre, a restaurant and a relaxation centre.


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