Google's mapping solution for cars is getting an HD upgrade at CES 2023. Google's HD map, unlike Google Maps, is not a consumer-facing application. Instead, it is an extra layer of data sent through Google Automotive Services to a car's L2+ or L3 assisted driving systems.

The extra information sits on top of the data from Google Maps and gives details like exact lane markers and the location of objects (like road signs) to help self-driving cars figure out where they are on the road. The driver won't be able to see the HD map or data directly or get to them. At this point, whether the driver will even know if the vehicle is using HD mapping is still being determined. However, the vehicle's ability to help the driver will likely improve when HD mapping is used.

A Google representative said that the HD mapping would first focus on high-traffic roads like freeways, but the representative still needs to say which cities or freeways. They said that Google is working with car companies to determine where the HD map will be most helpful.

Automakers that use Google Automotive Services can now get Google's HD map. Volvo and Polestar said that the Volvo EX90 and the Polestar 3 would soon be able to use the HD map from Google.


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