I have been with Godaddy for ten years, but their service has deteriorated, so I no longer feel secure with them. The customer care line is unfit for service, and I spent two and a half hours on the phone with them last night attempting to get them to repair a damaged SSL certificate. They were unable to. The tech support man was just as ignorant of website technology as I was. Previously, it took no less than six dumb agents two days to complete, none of whom understood anything. Finally, based on educated guesses, I had to do it myself as Godaddy's customer assistance guide riddled with mistakes and omissions.

As a result of this and prior horrific encounters with them, I intend to migrate to a different host.

I have spent the last 24 hours investigating this. The comparison/review sites promote the same firms, but they have poor reputations when checking their organic evaluations on Trustpilot. I have heard several suggestions for cloud hosting, but strangely, most of the host websites to which these comparison sites connect make no mention of cloud hosting and appear to provide shared hosting packages solely. I discovered this website using the phrase 'forum' in my search query and have looked through some of the entries. As such, I hope you do not mind if I request another reference from you.

I am desperate to get away from Godaddy within the next seven days. According to what I have read here, I believe that hosting on a managed VPS would be a better fit for me. I am in England, and most of my traffic originates there. I have two WordPress-powered websites. One of which is a blog that sells a reasonable number of ebooks and receives less than 1,000 daily visitors. The other is still under construction but will have comparable mixed media material, text and graphics, and a somewhat higher daily traffic expectation of roughly 2000. The second site is the one that is causing me the most difficulty in terms of choosing a host since I am considering integrating Woocommerce (but am open to other options) to sell many more things. I would also want to utilize the Rocket Video plugin to host my videos, as I am not interested in being affiliated with YouTube or Google. Will these two add-ons compel me to pay a higher VPS fee?

Due to my years on Godday, I would like to avoid shared hosting (and my bad experiences with shared hosting before this).

Knownhost is one provider referenced here. I consider their managed VPS hosting, which starts at $40 per month.

  • Processor with two cores.
  • 4 GB RAM Guaranteed.
  • 75 GB SSD RAID-10 Storage.
  • Premium Bandwidth of 2 TB.
  • 2 Internet Protocol Addresses.
  • DirectAdmin.

However, I have the following questions:

Would this result in performance concerns, given that the server nearest to me is in Amsterdam?

Is there a more suitable or comparable host that I should consider?

Is managed VPS still an issue for someone not, particularly tech-savvy?

And would I have to reload my WordPress site completely?

This final question is my most significant source of contention. You see, if I attempt to relocate my website from Godday to Knownhost, all of the troubles will accompany me. I once paid Godaddy £200 to resolve an issue. For example, a computer infection spread via an infected theme that executed a rogue .php script. It continued to consume all of my resources. They put an end to it. However, it occurred once more. They claimed to have captured it a second time, and I have not seen it reoccur in almost a year, but I have no faith in them. I am not interested in porting my existing website to a new server containing an old problem.

Finally, would it be preferable to pay a techie on Getafreelancer to transfer the site piece by piece for me, so I can guarantee that all of the harmful content is removed? There are several minor changes that I want as well that would undoubtedly go outside the scope of regular transfer service. This includes deactivating Google AdSense, fixing my favicon, installing a new style, and, most crucially, ensuring that my previous decade of articles does not vanish from search engines due to the changeover. That terrifies me the most about hiring someone to rebuild the site on a new server rather than move it. I have lost all my links.

Apologies for the length of this message, but I am interested in hearing what proper tech counsel sounds like following my ordeal with Godaddy's experts.


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